Dive into the unknown… you might enjoy it

Dive into the unknown… you might enjoy it

Adam Ant in The Blueblack Hussar.
Adam Ant in The Blueblack Hussar.

Trying out something new, something unknown, is not an easy decision. You might feel like you’re going to waste your time, or even worse waste some cash.

But stepping into the unknown can create brand new experiences that open up a much richer, more varied world to you.

Bedford Film Festival believes that everyone should have a chance to see films that they may not have considered before, films that they’re unlikely to see publicly anywhere else in the town, ever again.

Yes we have some films that might be labelled as ‘safe’ but the festival is also your chance to step out of your comfort zone for a couple of hours and try something new. A chance for you to really see if a foreign film, documentary or new project is something that you really could enjoy.

Prices for our standard screenings start at just £5 per person and the reward could be priceless.

So, take a walk Back to the Garden, find romance with Dead Cattravel across Europe with Dummy Jim and In the name of… or across the Caribbean to freedom with Una Noche. Take a chance on some incredible documentaries with Adam Ant in The Blueblack Hussar, rock icons and soul legends in Muscle Shoals and enter the close knit world of Snow Boarding with Crash Reel. Just watching one of these will open yourself up to a whole new world of film.

Don’t just take our word for it either. James Pharaoh, Director of Bedford Festival Fringe, knows all too well the frustration of missing something new. “Unfortunately I missed the screening of Searching For Sugar Man which was shown as part of the Bedfringe Festival programme this year, and hosted by Bedford Film Festival. I recently watched it at home… alone. I immediately brought the sound track and now regret not sharing the room with fellow film enthusiasts. So learn from my mistake.

“From the 27th to 29th September we have a unique opportunity to see some brand new work right here in our town. Festivals are all about taking a punt so please do drop in and support the variety of this fabulous event.”

It’s natural for people to shy away from the unknown, we all do it, especially if that unknown entity appears uncool or not what we’re used to. George Lucas, you might have heard of him, had a script for a little project he was working on turned down by every major Hollywood studio, the reason being that executives were convinced no one would want to see it. Then 20th Century Fox took a chance, even though they were still convinced the project would flop. The name of that project, Star Wars.

It seems almost ludicrous to think that the director of one of the biggest films ever struggled to get backing early on in his career but discoveries are made every day and you, through Bedford Film Festival, could be witness to the early work of the next big director, producer or actor.

The unknown doesn’t seem so bad after all.