Bedford Film Festival is committed to supporting access to film in all of Bedford’s communities as well as supporting young film makers in their education.

We have six key objectives that shape our mission.

  • Bedford Film Festival screenings will never have a set theme other than to further audience choice.
  • Bedford Film Festival will always seek to inspire, advise and support other local organisations to host their own screenings.
  • Bedford Film Festival will encourage future film makers and work with educational institutions to enhance their own film education curriculum.
  • Bedford Film Festival will work with local film makers to create opportunities for their work to reach a wider audience.
  • Bedford Film Festival is a film festival for everyone in Bedford. We will screen films that are representative of all local communities.
  • Bedford Film Festival will always act with the best interests of Bedford’s popularity, growth and economic development.

If you have any questions about these objectives or think you might benefit from them please contact us.


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